Justin Evans

Justin Evans is no stranger to a country song. His grandfather was a singer and guitar player during the Great Depression who played with the likes of Gid Tanner and various traveling medicine shows earning money for his family back home. While Evans has recorded three albums, The Owls & The Hounds is his first official release. With a strikingly unique deep and husky, yet gentle voice, Evans explores classic Americana themes with solid lyricism and beautiful melodies. Here are songs of the road, late nights in the bars, whiskey and black coffee, hard rains, hard women, and long desires.

“The Heart of New Orleans” is an homage to that ravaged gambling town replete with rag time piano and saxophone blowing from a fire escape, while “Heart of San Francisco” is a slow bluesy number finding Evans and a lady friend on a cold foggy night on the bay, the sound of the saxophone flying above the hills. “Muscadine Wine” is another highlight, featuring an undercurrent of organ, gorgeous sweeping steel, and a touch of classical guitar. Steeped in classic AM country stylings with an old-timey feel in the vein of Tom Waits, Gillian Welch, and even Howlin’ Wolf, The Owls & The Hounds is defined by a warmth of sound and stands as a strong achievement in songwriting.

Evans is backed by an all-star cast of Athens players to color the songs. Recorded and produced by AJ Adams (Kinky Waikiki, The Granfalloons, ex-Blueground Undergrass) at his Troubadour Den Studios, the record is graced by David Blackmon (Curley Maple, Widespread Panic) on fiddle, Tommy Somerville (Squat, The Granfalloons) on saxophone and piano, Carlton Owens (Stewart & Winfield, Kinky Waikiki) on drums, and Adams on bass and guitars.

The Owls & The Hounds marks the third chapter in Justin Evans’ Chinatown Diary series. Says Evans: “I feel this is my best work to date with a wide variety of styles twisted into one comprehensive work ranging from New Orleans jazz to old time fiddle, folk and blues, and even hints of bluegrass all tied together with melodic pedal steel and built on the foundation of acoustic guitar.”

“Justin Evans is a powerful vocalist and a strong lyricist. His guitar playing solidly reinforces his tunes, choosing not to get in the way of his lyrics with challenging intricacy or unexpected changes….classic road songs with true country style, it pines from for rolling miles and a place you can leave it all behind.”

- Ben Gerrad, Flagpole Magazine

The Owls & The Hounds


Drunken, dreamy acoustic country songs. Songs of the road, late night bars, women and whiskey. Touches of rag time and blues, based on classic Americana.

Track Listing:

1. Starlight Gown
2. Blood and Whiskey
3. The Heart of New Orleans
4. The Heart of San Francisco
5. Poison Peaches
6. Nothing to Steal
7. Mercy’s Roadhouse
8. Soothes and Burns
9. Song for Maria
10. Cherries and Whiskey
11. Bartending Lady
12. Muscadine Wine
13. Unwilling Gyspy

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