Timber on Kickstarter

Get excited for Timber‘s Scrawled, coming out in late spring.

Songwriter Daniel Aaron and band have initiated a funding drive via creative online platform Kickstarter.com to help fund the manufacture of the album as a finely packaged digipak CD. Remember, tons of people still love holding and owning the physical artistic package of a vinyl record or compact disc! Please consider supporting Timber’s project as they prepare to release the excellent new record and get cool rewards in return (t-shirts, CDs, etc.).

Some words on the Scrawled: The record contains a certain quirkiness and timelessness channeled through Aaron’s impassioned, jumpy voice, reminiscent of early R.E.M. and the perfect touch of acoustic string-band grit beside its subtle beauty. One may hear early Uncle Tupelo, Bonnie Prince Billy, and Nashville Skyline-era Dylan in Scrawled, but its character is clearly its own.

More info available on Timber via the Artists page soon. For now, visit Kickstarter and help bring Scrawled to the masses.